Sri Lankan Vegetarian Feast Cooking Class

Sri Lankan vegetarian curries are incredible – an explosion of colours and flavours! They’re so satisfying that you won’t miss the meat. This meal is VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE(If you need you can add some chicken to one of the curries) Duration: 90minsSuits: spice lovers; vegans WHAT’S ON THE MENU?– Unroasted curry powder used inContinue reading “Sri Lankan Vegetarian Feast Cooking Class”


Learn to make Asian dumplings from scratch with the whole family. An impressive skill to last you a lifetime! Duration: 90minsFAMILY FRIENDLYOptions: vegan & lactose free Join me in an online cooking class to master the art of dumpling making. We’ll make both the wrappers and filling – pork, chicken, pork or tofu & mushroom,Continue reading “DUMPLINGS MASTERCLASS”