Rendang and Roti Cooking Class

Next Class European Time ZonesSun 23rd Jan, 10:30am GMT / 11:30am CET£17 or €20 per household (plus booking fee) Learn to make a flavourful and aromatic rendang with flaky roti all from scratch in this virtual cook-along. Duration: 90minsSuits: spice lovers; vegansOptions: vegan; gluten free Rendang is a rich and aromatic coconut based dry curryContinue reading “Rendang and Roti Cooking Class”

Kids Cooking Class

Potato & Cheese Dumplings I know lockdown isn’t easy. Come cook with Nonna Chong and have some fun! We’ll be making delicious cheese and potato dumplings a.k.a pierogi. The dumplings will be boiled with the option of pan frying them too. Hopefully you’ll have most of the ingredients already on hand! What you’ll need:– laptopContinue reading “Kids Cooking Class”

Thai Street Food – Pad Thai and Chilli Jam

Learn to make Thailand’s most iconic noodle dish online with other street food lovers! This dish will no doubt be a family favourite! Duration: 1 hourOptions: Gluten Free, Vegan option Learn to make Thailand’s most iconic street food dish online with other street food lovers! These noodles are a perfect balance of sweet, sour andContinue reading “Thai Street Food – Pad Thai and Chilli Jam”

Satay and Gado Gado Cooking Class

NEXT CLASS UK/EUROPE – Sun 2nd May, 4:30pm UK Time / 5:30pm CET North America – Sun 2nd May, 11:30am ET / 10:30am CT / 8:30am PT £18 equivalent / €20 / USD 24 per household (plus booking fee), 90min class Learn to make aromatic Malaysian satay with a wholesome Gado-Gado salad and the mostContinue reading “Satay and Gado Gado Cooking Class”

Char Kway Teow and Chilli Sambal

Learn to cook Malaysia’s most famous noodle dish at home – CHAR KWAY TEOW Penang Style! We’ll also make a quick chilli sambal to spice it up Duration: 1 hourOptions: Gluten Free, Vegan option Char Kway Teow are fresh flat rice noodles fried with prawns, Chinese sausage, fish cake and dark soy. You normally needContinue reading “Char Kway Teow and Chilli Sambal”

Malaysian Curry and Roti Cooking Class

Malaysian chicken curry has gotta be my favourite curry! Coconutty & so aromatic, homemade flaky roti is the perfect accompaniment to soak up the mouthwatering sauce. The vegetarian version is also super delicious! Duration: 90minsSuits: spice lovers; vegansOptions: vegan; gluten free A spicy, rich Malaysian and potato chicken curry is a staple dish in anyContinue reading “Malaysian Curry and Roti Cooking Class”

Vietnamese Street Food – BUN CHA

BÚN CHẢ is one of Hanoi’s most iconic street food dishes. Chargrilled aromatic pork patties with rice vermicelli, salad, herbs and a fish sauce dipping sauce. A chicken version of this dish is also delicious. A perfect dish for summer! Duration: 1 hourSuits: Gluten Free The detailed ingredients list will be provided after a bookingContinue reading “Vietnamese Street Food – BUN CHA”

Hainanese Chicken Rice Cooking Class

Hainanese Chicken Rice is the ultimate comfort food. We can’t travel to the hawker centres of Singapore, but you can create this iconic hawker dish at home! Duration: 1h45m-2hoursSuits: Gluten Free This meal has always been a family favourite in my household growing up. Along with Laksa, my Dad was famous for his Chicken Rice.Continue reading “Hainanese Chicken Rice Cooking Class”