I’m Monica a.k.a Nonna Chong

I live, breathe and dream food….

I love to cook and feed people! My father was a self taught chef. After long hours at work he would come home and still cook delicious feasts for the family. He too loved to entertain and could recreate any dish just by taste. I’d like to think I’ve inherited my taste-buds and love for cooking from my Dad, and hopefully some of his talent!

I’ve been fortunate to travel to many countries around the world (55 to be exact!), and have lived in Australia, Vietnam, Singapore and Peru. I love recreating dishes I’ve enjoyed during my travel adventures so I’ve become quite a versatile cook!

Food is the one thing that unites us all and we can learn so much about community and culture through it. I hope to bring people together by sharing my culinary delights through catering, recipes and cooking classes.

I specialise in customised catering for parties, events and workshops providing tasty and nourishing meals from a wide variety of cuisines, all made from scratch.

At the beginning of our 3+ months of hard lockdown in Melbourne I started offering online cooking classes to inspire and connect foodies families to cook South East Asian cuisine from scratch and have some fun at the same time. The classes were so popular that I’m now running them for European and North American time zones. Check out my classes here!

If you ever travel to Hanoi, Vietnam and love trying the local food, check out Nonna Chong’s Street Food Map, which I created several years ago and updated in 2019.

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